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Modular to Fit Your Space

The Modular Animal Caging System, or MACS® for short, is a ventilated rodent system that adapts to your animal room needs. The MACS® system allows you the versatility to do three very important things: Increase cage density Create space Improve workflow The Modular Animal Caging System® frame holds the vertical cage stacks in place and also the top mounted air handling units. There are several different framework styles to choose from including double sided mobile frames, single sided mobile frames, wall mount frames and a rotary unit. The frame is made from 1 inch square stainless steel tubing for durability. Each frame holds the main supply and exhaust plenums. Mobile frames have four autoclavable casters, two of which have locking brakes for... read more

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Alternative Design: Quality, Cost-Effective, Laboratory Animal Housing Solutions including Rodent Cages, Large Animal Cages, Material Handling Equipment, Small Animal Cages & Poultry Cages

Custom designed for the vivarium in your animal research facility, our animal housing system products are manufactured to last. Discover how our products are your lab animal room solution – providing maximum cage density, improved workflow and increased efficiency throughout your lab animal facility. For over 25 years, we’ve built our reputation on industry-leading designs, products, and services such as modular IVCs, mouse cages, avian cages, dog runs, bulk trucks, air handling units, plastic caging and accessories, and non-human primate housing, all designed to meet the needs of the animal research community, primary breeders, commercial poultry, and poultry science industry to provide a better environment for the animals and people working with them.

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