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Our focus on continuous improvement through manufacturing technology, quality, and being a solutions provider for our customers’ needs has allowed us   continued growth and expansion. Thanks to our valued customers and dedicated employees we are making significant contributions to the laboratory animal  science community. The success of our customers is not only important to us, but to the quality of life that is improved worldwide through their work. 

Mission Statememt

The success of Alternative Design is a direct tribute to our corporate family, guided by our faith in our daily interactions. Within these interactions, we look to build a better quality life and product for those who have trusted in us both internally and externally.


We look for ways to do what we do great, manufacture metal based products and find solutions for our customers by offering ALTERNATIVES, through innovation and creative thinking.

We continually broaden our capabilities to be a diversified provider of a variety of products and services. We are constantly challenging ourselves and each other while maintaining our dedication to quality and service.


Respectful Relationships

We understand each interaction is viewed differently, and each perspective deserves to be appreciated and acknowledged. We work for each other while creating a safe and respectful environment for all to reach their full potential and personal goals.

Honorable In Our Actions

We believe that through honor comes success. We take pride in what we do, say, and stand for. Offer help when we are given the opportunity. In our decision process, we take every opportunity to build long-term relationships that are built on trust and integrity versus dollar values.

Innovative Listeners

We recognize that all people have thoughts and ideas on how to make their jobs, products, and lives; better, easier, or more efficient. We listen with an open mind and an open exchange on how we can assist to remove obstacles. We regard internal and external innovation as equals to success.

Humble in Our Perspective

We are open to personal change and continuous improvement. Recognizing good ideas can come from other people, and have the willingness to change, as well as learn from our mistakes and successes equally. We above all appreciate others and the inherent value they possess.

Strong Perseverance

We believe adversity should breed positive change. We never give up on ourselves, each other, or the opportunities we have been blessed with. Understanding the value of hard work and working hard together bonds individuals into one family with a common goal, the well-being of each other.

Our Facility

In December 2000, Alternative Design moved into its current production facility. This spacious facility is in Siloam Springs, which is located in beautiful Northwest Arkansas. This state of the art, custom built building was designed to add needed equipment and to gain production flow efficiencies through an improved floor plan while also better serving our customers and the growing demand for our animal housing solutions. The additional production space enables us to organize our production processes to provide optimum efficiencies for fabrication, finishing, quality assurance and shipping.

Our Team is Our #1 Asset

Our key asset is our employees, the team of people who actually design, build and deliver on our promise of high-quality laboratory animal housing solutions. Search throughout the United States and you will be hard-pressed to find a more skilled, dedicated and committed group of people. Each team member understands their responsibility in delivering a product that not only protects the safety of the animals but also protects and enhances the experience of the animal care staff as well.

Quality Second to None

Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply’s facility is second to none in our industry and clearly represents the company as the world-class organization it has become. The facility, combined with our excellent staff and equipment, provides our customers with quality metal products and excellent service.

Green Initiatives

In early 2010, Alternative Design retrofitted its manufacturing facility with energy-efficient lighting. The new lights generate less heat but more light and each light set is equipped with a motion sensor.  Each set turns on when motion is detected in its range and off automatically if it does not sense motion after 8 minutes. For more information about company’s commitment to being green, please visit our company green policy page.