Our Company


Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply brings a new level of creativity to the design and production of animal research cages. We have a rich history of bringing confidence to our customers that they will receive quality products at competitive prices in a timely manner.

We are proud of the rapid growth of our company and we know it is the result of our valued customers and our commitment to them. Our facility is capable of meeting the needs of our customers and our people are proud of the contribution they give to the laboratory animal science community through their commitment to technology and craftsmanship. We are also very proud of our associations within the animal research community because we know that through their efforts the quality of life is improved worldwide.




Mission Statement

Our company mission statement reads as follows:

Alternative Design is dedicated to providing an ethical and rewarding environment for our corporate family including customers, employees, shareholders, vendors and the community. Based on this principle, we will build long-term relationships by maintaining trust and providing high-quality equipment to the animal and medical research industry.


Our Facility

In December 2000, Alternative Design moved into its current production facility. This spacious facility is in Siloam Springs, which is located in beautiful Northwest Arkansas. This state of the art, custom built building was designed to add needed equipment and to gain production flow efficiencies through an improved floor plan while also better serving our customers and the growing demand for our animal housing solutions. The additional production space enables us to organize our production processes to provide optimum efficiencies for fabrication, finishing, quality assurance and shipping.


Our Team is Our #1 Asset

Our key asset is our employees, the team of people who actually design, build and deliver on our promise of high-quality laboratory animal housing solutions. Search throughout the United States and you will be hard-pressed to find a more skilled, dedicated and committed group of people. Each team member understands their responsibility in delivering a product that not only protects the safety of the animals but also protects and enhances the experience of the animal care staff as well. 



Quality Second to None

Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply’s facility is second to none in our industry and clearly represents the company as the world-class organization it has become. This facility combines with our excellent staff and equipment to provide our customers with quality animal caging products and excellent service.




Green Initiatives

In early 2010, Alternative Design retrofitted its manufacturing facility with energy-efficient lighting. The new lights generate less heat but more light and each light set are equipped with a motion sensor.  Each set turns on when motion is detected in its range and off automatically if it does not sense motion after 8 minutes. For more information about company’s commitment to being green, please visit our company green policy page.