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What are the advantages of using our equipment for your next project?

  • Flexibility – one system can reconfigure into another with minimal costs

  • Animal model changes – easily change from rats to mice or a combination of species

  • Utilize existing cages – your client’s cages from another manufacturer will work with our system

How does the unit work?

MACS AHUPicture4

  • Pressurized system – Air Handling Units work to maintain a pressure in the plenums

  • Versatile functionality – it runs a variety of rodent cage types

  • Efficient use of energy – it uses 83 watts at 60 ACH


 What rodent IVC unit options for vivariums do we offer?

  • RotaryMACS Rotary Unit

    • Access to the cages without walking around the units
    • Gives you the ability to put a lot of cages into a very small room – and still be able to work with them
  • Wall Mounted   MACS Wall Mount IVC Racks

    • Provides extra space in the room – mouse unit installs only 19” from the wall while a typical single sided rack unit uses up to 26″
  • MobileMACS Mobile Unit Combo

    • Both single and double sided units are available

What air delivery systems are available for your rodent IVC units?

  • M.A.C.S. Top Mounted Air Handling Units  MACS AHU

    • Dual Fan Supply & Exhaust
    • Single Fan Supply with Direct Exhaust Connection


  • Halcyon Air TowerHalcyon-Air-Tower-Air-Delivery-System-Premium-Model_1

    • Includes supply & exhaust blowers in a single slim cabinet for a small footprint
    • Designed to be energy efficient (using as little as 30W) with zero rack vibration
    • USB firmware updates will allow for upgrades and new development such as wireless control of multiple towers
    • Three models to choose from – Standard, Enhanced (with distress alert) or Premium (with distress alert and battery back-up)

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