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Modular to Fit Your Space

The Modular Animal Caging System, or MACS® for short, is a ventilated rodent system that adapts to your animal room needs. The MACS® system allows you the versatility to do three very important things: Increase cage density Create space Improve workflow The Modular Animal Caging System® frame holds the vertical cage stacks in place and also the top mounted air handling units. There are several different framework styles to choose from including double sided mobile frames, single sided mobile frames, wall mount frames and a rotary unit. The frame is made from 1 inch square stainless steel tubing for durability. Each frame holds the main supply and exhaust plenums. Mobile frames have four autoclavable casters, two of which have locking brakes for...

Durable, Dependable & Maintenance Free

What makes the Guardian Animal Transfer Station different from other Class II cage change stations in the laboratory animal science industry? It’s the perfect combination of powerful performance and modern efficiency. Using laminar air flow, it creates an invisible, protective wall between the operator and the environment. Your lab animal technicians will appreciate the dynamic air flow, efficient operation and powerful performance of the Guardian. Other features of this animal transfer station include durable stainless steel construction, an adjustable work surface height, dual large pull handles and quick & easy access to air filter panels. The Guardian Animal Transfer Station is available in two sizes – 5ft (60 inches) or 6ft (72 inches) in length. Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply stands behind its products and includes a 5-year warranty on the Guardian.                       Are you ready to add the most durable, dependable and maintenance free cage change station to your animal research facility? We invite you to discover The Guardian – a product from Alternative Design that will meet your needs, fit your budget and exceed your...

Happy New Year!

All of us here at Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply are excited about the promise of a new year and the new opportunities to serve our customers. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals in 2015. Happy New Year!

Holiday Hours

In celebration of the Christmas season, our offices will be closed Wednesday (12/24) through Friday (12/26). We will be open again for normal business hours (7am-5pm CST) on Monday, December 29th.

Solace Zone – Heated IVC Rack with Thermal Neutral Zone Technology

Alternative Design is bringing new technology to the laboratory animal research industry. Solace Zone is the patent pending heated IVC rack that was recently introduced during the 65th National Meeting of the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). This product is designed to reduce cold stress in rodents leading to better research results. For more information on this ground breaking new product, please visit:...

Plastic Caging for Housing Rodents

Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply offers a broad selection of plastic rodent caging to fit our static and ventilated caging systems. Our cages work for a variety of laboratory animal research models including mice, rats, large mice, hamsters and guinea pigs. The plastic cages we sell, both cage tops and cage bottoms, are available in your choice of two quality plastic resins – polycarbonate and Udel® polysulfone. The plastic resin you select should be based on key factors such as the degree of autoclaving, longevity and your budget. You should also consider other aspects including cage change frequency, autoclave settings, cage washing, cost and general handling & storage. Polycarbonate is the lesser expensive resin. While still a very durable material, it is not recommended for autoclaving. The main advantage of polycarbonate is that you get a very clear plastic which offers excellent visibility of the animals in the cage. Udel® polysulfone is moderately priced and suitable for most applications. It will not break down from exposure to very hot water, is more resistant to chemicals and is autoclavable up to 300°F. The natural resin is a light amber color with excellent visibility that does not deteriorate. In addition to the standard Udel® polysulfone resin color, we also offer a low color Udel® that is less amber and more transparent. Udel® is our most popular plastic caging resin because of its excellent value and dependable nature. The Udel® products we sell come with a 2-year, pro-rated warranty. All of the lab animal caging we sell is manufactured with a unique “X” pattern on the bottom of each cage. This distinctive...

An Introduction to Avian Housing

The avian species most frequently used in research are chickens, quail, pigeons, finch, ducks and turkeys.  The type of caging needed to house avian for research is dependent upon the species to be used, the age of the birds and the purpose of the research.  One size cage does not fit all.  However, all avian species go through the same life cycles. It begins with fertilization of the embryo in the egg sack in the female.  However, we start the first cycle of life when the egg is first produced by the hen.  This first cycle is called incubation.  Incubation is the period of time the embryo develops in the egg and the chick breaks out of the shell.  The second stage of life is the brooding.  During the first few weeks of life, a chick must be kept warmer than normal room temperature and this is called brooding.  The next stage of life is the growing cycle.  During this period of time the chick grows rapidly and reaches a physical size equal to an adult.  The final stage, called maturation, is when an adult bird reaches its maximum weight and becomes capable of reproducing.  Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply provides caging for avian species that are in the final 3 life cycle stages – brooding, growing and maturation. Caging for each stage of life and species can be very different.  Most of these differences are due strictly to the size of the bird.  Our company has primarily worked with customers needing animal housing solutions for chickens, quail and finch.  Although the husbandry for each of these species is...

If you can dream it, we can build it

For the best laboratory animal housing solutions, choose Alternative Design. Our Modular Animal Caging System (or M.A.C.S. for short) is an industry exclusive way for your vivarium to  increase cage density, improve workflow and create more space in your animal facility. Ready to learn more? Request a quote...