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Dura Cage




A Heavy Duty Mouse Cage – Built to Last Longer





Dura Cage Polycarbonate
Dura Cage Udel Polysulfone


The Dura Cage has reinforced corners and thicker walls – up to 30% more material than regular mouse cages! It’s engineered to be a heavy duty cage that lasts longer, still going strong after numerous cage wash cycles. The Dura Cage has a 65 square inch floor and works with our Modular Animal Caging System (M.A.C.S.).


Cage Features


  • Full 65 square inches of floor space (419 square centimeters)
  • Unique X-Flow design allows consistent resin flow during the molding process to provide strength and durability for the life of your cages
  • Available in your choice of 2 plastic resins
    • Polycarbonate
    • Udel® Polysulfone
  • Cage is heavy duty and designed with reinforced corners and thicker walls – using up to 30% more material than other mouse cages in the industry
Rodent Caging Collage


Cage Specs


Individual Cage

  • Cage dimensions (inches) – 7.25″ W x 11.5″ D x 5″ H
  • Cage dimensions (centimeters) – 18.4 cm W x 29.2 cm D x 12.7 cm H

Case/Shipping Carton

  • Case quantity – 20 per case (separated by tissue paper and a 4-way divider)
  • Carton dimensions (inches) – 24″ W x 16″ D x 15″ H
  • Carton dimensions (centimeters) – 46 cm W x 41 cm D x  38.1 cm H
  • Carton weight (pounds) – 26 lbs.
  • Carton weight (kilograms) –  11.8 kg

Works with



Part Numbers

RC71D-PC          Polycarbonate

RC71D-UD          Udel® Polysulfone



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