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The Most Dependable, Durable & Maintenance Free Cage Change Station in the Industry

The Most Dependable, Durable & Maintenance Free Cage Change Station in the Industry



Durable, Dependable, Maintenance Free

The Guardian Animal Transfer Station from Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply is the perfect combination of powerful performance and modern efficiency. As a Class II cage change station, it provides a protective barrier for the animals, the operator and the environment, using laminar air flow to form an invisible wall between the work area and the room.

Backed by our industry-leading warranty and a reputation for manufacturing dependable, long-lasting lab animal research equipment, we invite you to discover the Guardian Animal Transfer Station – a product that will meet your needs, fit your budget and exceed your expectations.


Height Adjustment

Electrical Supply

Large Hand Rails

Station Vent Hood

Deck Vent Plate

Adjustable Height

Dynamic Air Flow

  • HEPA filtered air
  • Laminar air flow with low air velocity
  • Self-regulating fan provides consistent air volume
  • Filter load alert indicator
  • Easy access to filter panels


Powerful Performance

  • Durable, stainless steel construction
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Bright, long lasting energy efficient fluorescent lighting
  • Adjustable work surface height for operator comfort & convenience


Energy Efficient Lighting

Vented Backwall

Easy Access Panel

Efficient Operation

  • Easy to move on 5” stainless steel casters
  • Main view panel made from a polycarbonate material for durability and visibility
  • Easy to operate with large “hand rail” style pull handles


Options Available

  • Choose from two models – 5ft (60”) or 6ft (72”)


Technical Specs

  • Overall dimensions – 83” W x 33” D x 75” H
  • Weight – 450 lb, 204.1 kg
  • Electrical supply – 115 VAC 60hz at 12 amps
  • HEPA filters  – 99.99% @ 0.3 micron efficiency rating
  • Height adjustment – from 36” to 44” with 8” of lift available
  • 70% of air directed through the work area and 30% exhausted into the room
  • Air velocity for the supply filter average 85 to 95 fpm at a distance of 9” from the face of the perforated metal diffuser at the back of the work area
  • Average inflow velocity greater than 100 fpm