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Max 75 Mouse Cage



A Mouse Cage Providing a Full 75 sq. in. of Floor Space




Max 75 Mouse Cage Polycarbonate
Max 75 Mouse Cage Udel Polysulfone
Max 75 Mouse Cage Low Color Udel Polysulfone


Max 75 cages have a 75 square inch floor and can house up to 5 adult mice. It is recommended for animal research vivariums in need of higher density rodent housing. Max 75 cages help you increase your animal density without using up valuable shelf or rack space!



Cage Features


  • Full 75 square inches of floor space (484 square centimeters)
  • Unique X-Flow design allows consistent resin flow during the molding process to provide strength and durability for the life of your cages
  • Works only with flat rim wire bar lids
  • Houses up to 5 adult mice
  • Available in your choice of 3 plastic resins
    • Polycarbonate
    • Udel® Polysulfone
    • Low Color Udel® Polysulfone
  • Cage allows for maximum density for mice as specified in the ILAR Guide
Max 75 Cages on a M.A.C.S. Double Sided Mobile Frame


Cage Specs


Individual Cage

  • Cage dimensions (inches) – 7.25″ W x 11.5″ D x 5″ H
  • Cage dimensions (centimeters) – 18.4 cm W x 29.2 cm D x 12.7 cm H

Case/Shipping Carton

  • Case quantity – 20 per case (separated by tissue paper and a 4-way divider)
  • Carton dimensions (inches) – 24″ W x 16″ D x 19″ H
  • Carton dimensions (centimeters) – 46 cm W x 41 cm D x 61 cm H
  • Carton weight (pounds) – 20 lbs.
  • Carton weight (kilograms) –  9.1 kg

Works with



Part Numbers


RC71M-PC          Polycarbonate

RC71M-UD          Udel® Polysulfone

RC71M-UDC       Udel® Polysulfone, Low Color



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