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Standard Features include:


  • Stainless steel frame, feeders and litter pans
  • 6 individual cages with 6 square feet per cage
  • Autoclavable
  • Removable center divider panel with on-unit storage
  • Removable polypropylene floors for animal comfort and quieter housing
  • Stainless steel wrapper on each cage, sloped to help with waste removal
  • 5” stainless steel swivel casters, 2 with brakes
  • Automated watering system with a stainless steel manifold

Alternative Design’s stainless steel rabbit housing units provide 10-12 square feet of floor area with removable dividers, an automated water system and optional resting benches.

Large and Small Animals


Small & Large Animal


Designed for use with:






Standard Features include:

  • Only heated IVC unit in the industry
  • Patent-pending technology
  • Creates a thermal neutral zone within each individual cage
  • Help alleviate cold stress in your rodent research models
  • Provides heated and HEPA filtered ventilated air
  • Unit holds up to 32 Gentle-Air style cages with 16 cages per side
  • Control the temperature within each cage through the air handling unit


The Solace Zone Heated IVC 32 Cage P.I. Mobile Unit uses patent-pending technology to provide heated and HEPA filtered ventilated air to transport and/or temporarily house mice away from the primary animal housing area. This mobile unit creates a thermal neutral zone within each individual cage, helping to alleviate cold stress in your rodents and creating a warm, comforting environment for post-surgery recovery. The cart is constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel. It features a removable top shelf that doubles as a work surface. This mobile unit has 5″ casters, 2 with brakes. The entire unit and cages are autoclavable with the exception of the air handling unit and power channels. This unit also features the new “stacks-in-place” feature which allows stacks to be left on the frame during autoclaving. Use the air handling unit (AHU) to control the temperature within each cage. Unit can be set to 45, 60 or 80 air changes per hour (AC/H) to each cage. It also features two on-board battery setting – a transport mode and emergency mode where the battery lasts up to 24 hours. The Solace Zone heated IVC P.I. mobile unit holds up to 32 Gentle-Air style cages with 16 cages per side.

Designed for use with:



Standard Features include:


  • Designed for use with the Modular Animal Caging Systems (M.A.C.S.)
  • Holds up to 18 cage stacks which is equal to two 160-cage ventilated system racks
  • Stacks hang vertically with plenum ends open for easy cleaning

Other options include:

  • Equipment cover available


Wash stacks, not racks with the M.A.C.S. Cage Stack Transport Cart for our Modular Animal Caging System (M.A.C.S.). This transport cart is designed to hold 18  stacks, which is equal to two 160-cage ventilated system racks. The stacks hang vertically with the plenum ends open for easy washing and draining. An optional equipment cover for this transport cart is also available.

Rodent Icon


Rodent & IVC


Standard Features include:


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable height (from 36″ to 42″) with quick release pins
  • Includes 2 stainless steel shelves and 45 gallon Rubbermaid® container (42″ L x 21″ W)
  • Stack cages on one of 3 collapsible stainless steel side trays
  • One large side tray (40″ L x 18″ W) and two medium side trays (19″ L x 18″ W)
  • Four swivel casters, 2 with brakes


Alternative Design builds carts that are durable, strong, easily maneuverable and easy to clean and decontaminate. You can count on Alternative Design’s carts lasting for years because they will not rust or corrode and because they are made of quality materials that resist denting and destruction in everyday use.


Standard Features include:


  • Open top animal transport cart designed for sheep, pigs and dogs
  • Made from 304 stainless steel tubular, c-channel and rod construction
  • 2 swing-out doors, one on each end of the cart
  • Includes a squeeze bar with sliding adjustable drop for reducing cage size
  • Vinyl coated flooring
  • Removable excreta pan from either side
  • Includes removable scale with rubber mat in the floor
  • 5” stainless/polyurethane casters, 2 with brakes

The Animal Transport Cart (with Scale) is designed to provide a safe environment for the temporary housing or transport of large animals such as sheep, swine and canine. This unit also includes a removable scale with rubber mat that can be used to weigh the animals.

Designed for use with:






Standard Features include:


  • All 304 stainless steel construction
  • Includes removable shelf and full length door
  • Square tube/C channel frame for strength
  • Grease zerk casters, 2 with brakes
  • Autoclavable

Alternative Design’s bulk trucks are durable, strong, easily maneuverable and easy to clean and decontaminate. Made from 304 stainless steel, the Mini Bulk Truck is perfect for tight spaces or smaller rooms. Its 14-gauge floor is sloped to the back for easier stacking or water run-off. It sits on 4 swivel casters, two with step brakes.