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Jay Langston

Jay Langston – Marketing Manager

Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply offers a broad selection of plastic rodent caging to fit our static and ventilated caging systems. Our cages work for a variety of laboratory animal research models including mice, rats, large mice, hamsters and guinea pigs. The plastic cages we sell, both cage tops and cage bottoms, are available in your choice of two quality plastic resins – polycarbonate and Udel® polysulfone.

The plastic resin you select should be based on key factors such as the degree of autoclaving, longevity and your budget. You should also consider other aspects including cage change frequency, autoclave settings, cage washing, cost and general handling & storage.

Polycarbonate is the lesser expensive resin. While still a very durable material, it is not recommended for autoclaving. The main advantage of polycarbonate is that you get a very clear plastic which offers excellent visibility of the animals in the cage.

Udel® polysulfone is moderately priced and suitable for most applications. It will not break down from exposure to very hot water, is more resistant to chemicals and is autoclavable up to 300°F. The natural resin is a light amber color with excellent visibility that does not deteriorate. In addition to the standard Udel® polysulfone resin color, we also offer a low color Udel® that is less amber and more transparent. Udel® is our most popular plastic caging resin because of its excellent value and dependable nature. The Udel® products we sell come with a 2-year, pro-rated warranty.

All of the lab animal caging we sell is manufactured with a unique “X” pattern on the bottom of each cage. This distinctive design creates a more efficient flow of the resin throughout the mold. This assures material evenness to the extremities which results in a more consistent and durable product for your facility.

Udel® is a registered trademark of Solvay Advanced Polymers LLC.