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MACS Flex-Air Vertical Mouse Cage Stack


The heart of the Modular Animal Caging System (M.A.C.S.) is the universal vertical plenum or cage stack. Standard mouse cage stacks hold 10 cages vertically. Each cage stack has a supply plenum side and an exhaust plenum. There is space for an automated water system if you choose that option. The cage brackets are attached to the vertical stack and fold up for easy moving and storage. An individual cage stack weighs only 18 lbs without the cages on it. Ends are open for easy cleaning. The stack body is made of 22 gauge stainless steel with brackets molded from composite resin for durability. The stack is autoclavable.

The standard mouse and standard rat cage stacks are both the same height making them interchangeable on several M.A.C.S. frames. You can go from mouse cages to rat cages and back as you may need based on cages using water bottles.

All of our cage stacks are the same height which makes them interchangeable on many of the M.A.C.S. frames or racks. This allows you to easily and quickly change cages as your rodent research model needs change without buying all new equipment – reducing your capital equipment costs.

The Flex-Air Vertical Mouse Cage Stack holds up to 10 of the patented Flex-Air style mouse cages. This cage’s unique design provides extra protection for mice not found on other cages. HEPA filtered air is not directly forced into the cage but follows a mini barrier path to further eliminate dust-riding bacteria from entering the micro-environment. A laminar flow of air into the cage provides more efficient coverage of the bedding while some of the cage air changes per hour are reduced for a more comfortable environment for the animals. Available in your choice of 2 sizes – 10 high or 9 high brackets.

Features include:

  • Holds up to 10 Flex-Air style mouse cages
  • High visibility yellow cage latches make it easy to confirm which cages are properly docked
  • Stack body is made of 22 gauge stainless steel with 16 gauge brackets
  • Bracket is available in your choice of 2 sizes – 10 high or 9 high
  • Autoclavable

10 High Bracket – Part# – MAC-FA-V10

9 High Bracket – Part# – MAC-FA-V9

Dimensions – 9 1/8″ W x 14 15/16″ D x 72 1/16″ H

Weight – 21 lbs


All components of this Alternative Design stainless steel product must be cleaned, sanitized and sterilized, where applicable, prior to being put into service. This unit is made primarily of 304 stainless steel. Use care when cleaning to prevent corrosion that can shorten useful life. Cleaning solutions which contain high levels of chlorine are not recommended for stainless steel parts.

Alternative Design offers a 5-year warranty on all stainless steel fabricated products the company makes. These products are warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects during this period.

The 5-year warranty includes:

* Individually Ventilated Caging (IVC) rack frames and fabricated components
* All other stainless steel fabricated caging systems
* Fabricated material handling, storage and processing equipment made of stainless steel