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Halcyon Air Tower Air Delivery System Enhanced Model


Halcyon Air is the new name in air handling systems. This ground breaking new product has been engineered and manufactured to meet global guidelines for maintaining a healthy rodent micro-environment within individually ventilated cages (IVC).

It includes supply & exhaust blowers in a single slim cabinet for a small footprint. Built on casters for easy maneuverability, it also features quick and easy access to pre-filters. It was designed to be energy efficient (using as little as 30W) with zero rack vibration to minimize the impact on the animals.

The Halcyon Air Tower has a capacity of up to 320 mouse cages while controlling air changes per hour based on the number of cages and cage type (Ultra-Air, Max 75, Dura Cage, Flex-Air, etc.). The summary screen displays the current cage pressure, air flow, cage type and filter capacity readings of both supply & exhaust. Navigate to the options menu to change airflow or cage style, check your filter status or battery backup settings or additional options.

The Halcyon Air Tower is on the cutting edge of technology with a LED touch-screen display and the Safe Guard wireless remote monitoring system, including text (SMS) notifications sent directly to your mobile device. A web-based application (no download required) allows you to monitor the status of your tower from anywhere using your Internet connected device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

The Halcyon Air Tower was engineered with an eye on the future needs of your facility. Simple firmware updates (via USB) will allow for upgrades and new development such as wireless control of multiple towers from the Safe Guard Wireless Monitoring System.

Choose which of three Halcyon Air Tower models best meets the needs of your facility – Standard, Enhanced (with distress alert) or Premium (with distress alert and battery back-up).

The Halcyon Air Tower Enhanced Model features include:

  • Balanced airflow
  • Serviceable plug and play electronics
  • LED touch screen display
  • Screen saver settings with custom dimming
  • Mouse cage capacity of 320 cages (at lower air changes per hour)
  • New fan technology
  • Noise level below 46db
  • Local on screen error code diagnostics
  • Filter loading indicators
  • Integral molded-in pen holder
  • Connects to building exhaust
  • Display air changes per hour (ACH)
  • Supplies 30-80 air changes per hour selectable by cage type used
  • Both positive isolation or negative containment operation
  • Displays temperature and humidity readings of supply and exhaust
  • Historic performance data collection on internal memory and external USB drive – chartable reporting data
  • Energy efficient as it uses as little as 30 watts of energy consumption
  • Easy access to pre-filters
  • Connect to wired building maintenance systems including remote alarm systems
  • Available in both standard 110V or 220V

Halcyon Air Tower Enhanced Model features not included on the Standard Model include:

  • Alarm with text (SMS) notifications to your mobile device
  • Safe Guard wireless monitoring capability
  • Remote error code diagnostics

Part # (110 volt) – MACS-AHU-TWR-DAB

Part # (220 volt) – MACS-AHU-TWR-DAB-220

Dimensions  19″ W x 25″ D x 66″ H

Alternative Design offers a 2-year warranty on all Polysulfone plastic caging products and electrical components. These products are warrantied to be free from material and workmanship defects during this period. The warranty period will begin from the date of delivery. Our Polysulfone products will have a 2-year prorated warranty*. Please note – Polycarbonate caging is not recommended for autoclaving and any warranty will be voided if autoclaved.  

The 2-year warranty includes:

  • All electrical components
  • Polysulfone plastic caging products or components