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MACS Dual Fan Supply & Exhaust Air Handling Unit


Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply offers a variety of air delivery systems to meet our customer’s needs. This dual fan top mounted supply & exhaust air handling unit draws supply air from the room before that air is HEPA filtered prior to entering the rodent cages. HEPA filtered exhaust from the rack and individual cages is then returned to the room. This air handling unit supplies HEPA filtered air for up to 160 mouse cages or 60 rat cages.

Features include:

  • Versatile top-mounted air handling unit that works with all frames and cages on the Modular Animal Caging System (M.A.C.S.)
  • Provides greatest control & balance between the supply & exhaust fans to maintain desired positive or negative mode and consistent air changes per hour (ACH) to cages
  • No need to re-balance HVAC system if you remove a rack from service
  • Exhaust fan automatically shuts off if the supply fan fails so the rack will not go to negative pressure
  • Easy touch screen programming to change air changes per hour (ACH) and from positive to negative pressure
  • Easy access to both pre-filters and HEPA filters
  • Visual and audible alarms if insufficient airflow is detected
  • Plug-in port for remote monitoring capability
  • On/Off switch with a removable power cord socket
  • Air handling unit and HEPA filters are not autoclavable


Supply Air Handling Unit (AHU) Dimensions – 20.5″ W x 14.25″ D x 15.25″ H

Exhaust Air Handling Unit (AHU) Dimensions – 23.25″ W x 14.25″ D x 15.25″ H

Alternative Design offers a 2-year warranty on all Polysulfone plastic caging products and electrical components. These products are warrantied to be free from material and workmanship defects during this period. The warranty period will begin from the date of delivery. Our Polysulfone products will have a 2-year prorated warranty*. Please note – Polycarbonate caging is not recommended for autoclaving and any warranty will be voided if autoclaved.  

The 2-year warranty includes:

  • All electrical components
  • Polysulfone plastic caging products or components