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Adjustable Shelf Rack(SRA4-60x24x72)


Alternative Design’s adjustable shelf racks are durable, strong, easily maneuverable and easy to clean and disinfect. You can count on these shelving units to last for years because they will not corrode. They are made of quality materials that resist denting and destruction in everyday use. The stainless steel finish also provides a product that has high aesthetic appeal. All of our adjustable shelf racks are autoclavable.

This shelving system is adjustable to any height and locked into place with an easy access setscrew and bracket. The typical system uses 5 shelves but more shelves may be purchased depending on your requirements. This shelving system is made of 304 stainless steel. The shelves are shipped unassembled with instructions, Allen wrench and all parts necessary to assemble the rack.

Standard features include:

  • Vertical uprights are made of 1” square tubing for greater strength from 304 stainless steel (#3 Finish, 16 Gauge)
  • Shelves are made from 304 stainless steel (2B Finish, #18 Gauge)
  • Swivel casters are 5” diameter by 1.25” tread Maxim wheel with expandable stem mount, grease zerks and pedal wheel brakes on 2 of the casters
  • Assembly adjusting bracket including a bolt plate, socket head screw and washers
  • Plastic end caps in upright
  • Includes Allen wrenches needed for assembly
  • Autoclavable

Optional features include:

  • Additional shelving
  • Additional size units are available

The outer dimensions of our most popular adjustable shelf rack are:

  • 60” W  x 24” D x 72″ H
Part Number Dimensions W” x D” x H” Dimensions Wcm x Dcm x Hcm Shelves Mice/Cage per shelf Total Mice/Rack Rat/Cage per shelf Total Rat/Rack Shelf Gauge Shelf Clearance Shelf Weight Limit
24″ Deep Shelves
SRA4-60x24x72 60x24x74 152.4 x 61.0 x 187.9 4 14 280 5 40 18 14”-15” 150 lbs
SRA5-60x24x72 60x24x74 152.4 x 61.0 x 187.9 5 14 350 5 50 18 11”-12” 150 lbs
SRA6-60x24x72 60x24x74 152.4 x 61.0 x 187.9 6 14 420 18 9”-10” 150 lbs
SRA7-60x24x72 60x24x74 152.4 x 61.0 x 187.9 7 14 490 18 7”- 8” 150 Ibs
Extra Shelf
SRASH60x24 60×24 152.4 x 61.0 18 150 lbs
Extra Shelf with Assembly
SRASH60x24ASM 60×24 152.4 x 61.0 18 150 lbs

Thoroughly inspect the equipment upon receipt for any possible damage that may have occurred during
shipment. It is the customer’s responsibility to report damage to the freight company and to Alternative
Design’s Customer Service Department within ten days of receiving the equipment. Please write damage
information on DRIVER’S RECEIPT at the time you sign for receiving unit(s).
Thank you for your purchase of an Alternative Design stainless steel product. This equipment is designed
and manufactured with high quality materials to the highest standards. When properly maintained, this unit
will provide many years of service.
All components of the Alternative Design stainless steel product must be cleaned, sanitized and sterilized,
where applicable, prior to being put into service.
This unit is made primarily of 304 stainless steel. Use care when cleaning to prevent corrosion that can
shorten useful life.
Cleaning solutions which contain high levels of chlorine are not recommended for stainless steel parts.


Caster Maintenance
Caster used on this equipment was chosen for its suitability in applications where frequent washdowns are
necessary. It is also well suited for applications exposed to heat, cleaning agents, steam, caustic solutions
or other corrosive agents, which could cause rust and contamination.
After washing and/or autoclaving, check casters for proper operation. Check the axle nut to ensure it is still
tight (125 inch/pound is recommended). If the axle and/or swivel bearing has to be lubricated, use a high
temp grease.

Alternative Design offers a 5-year warranty on all stainless steel fabricated products the company makes. These products are warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects during this period.

The 5-year warranty includes:

* Individually Ventilated Caging (IVC) rack frames and fabricated components
* All other stainless steel fabricated caging systems
* Fabricated material handling, storage and processing equipment made of stainless steel