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Modular to Fit Your Space


The Modular Animal Caging System, or M.A.C.S.®, is a ventilated caging system for rodents that adapts to your animal room needs. It’s a versatile system that allows you to increase cage density, create space and improve workflow in your rodent rooms.
There are several frame styles to choose from with M.A.C.S.® including mobile, wall-mounted and rotary units. Frames are made from 1” square stainless steel tubing for durability and aesthetics.
Frames hold vertical cage stacks in place along with the main supply and exhaust plenums. To maximize space in your rodent room, you can mix and match frames to achieve desired cage density and room workflow efficiency. LEARN MORE




For over 29 years, Alternative Design has provided proven products and creative solutions to the laboratory animal research community. With the development of new MACS technology, we demonstrate our ongoing commitment to giving you the tools you need to further your research.

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